What do you do?

We match children with forever families through STEM events.

How do you do it?

We partner with foster care communities, DHHS, businesses, churches, and other agencies to raise awareness about the need for forever families.

How can I help?

Volunteers and donations are the two biggest ways you can get involved in STEM4Life. Check out more info below.

What is STEM?





STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Through STEM events, We seek to build growth mindsets, perseverance, and self-confidence as our children see themselves as valuable problem-solvers and innovators.

We want to break the cycle of foster care

Your support gets us closer to our goal. View sponsorship opportunities below.

Get involved & give a kid the hope they deserve

85% of kids who are in the system after the age of SIX never get adopted. They go from foster home to foster home until they turn 18 years old. Then, support is largely cut off. They “age out”, never belonging to a family. Their statistics are exceptionally grim. It’s not too late for thousands of waiting children.

Jaylynn was 13 when she found her forever home; after 13 different homes in 6 years. There are more than a half million foster care children around the United States, all searching for their forever homes.

STEM events to change outlooks and connect.

In our pilot year, we’ve had 15 STEM Saturdays, hosted three community events, held two week-long day camps, introduced kids to dozens of careers, partnered with local agencies, universities, and businesses, AND we matched FOUR forever families! The model works.